Frown Lines

Maintain a refreshed, smoother and more relaxed appearance.

Duration 15 - 30 minutes

Are you tired of looking at your residual lines or grooves in your frown?

Anti-wrinkle treatments will help prevent the formation of wrinkles creating a frown. We all frown when we express ourselves.

These frown lines are caused by the facial muscles (procerus and corrugator) that pull the skin inwards and downwards causing the skin between the brows to frown. Over time repeated action of these muscles cause these ‘dynamic’ lines to become ‘static’ lines. Treating these muscles gives lift around the eyes helping to create a brighter look.

Treatment around the brows and forehead can also work to reduce migraines and headaches in some individuals that hold tension through the muscles we are treating. We understand that men can appear feminised in the absence of some movement, while women tend to prefer a smoother look.

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